04 Logos

Full logo

The sparkco logo is the primary visual icon of our identity. The stylized, mono-weight lower-case letter forms should never be altered or compromised.

  • The sparkco logo is based on the Ubuntu font
  • The sparkco star should be Arial unicode MS (Unicode: U+2726)
  • The logotype is always Black or white
  • The logomark star shall be Black, White or sparkco peach, other sparkco color palette permitted only when the logo is animated

Full color logo

Black logo

White logo

sparkco full logo - full color
sparkco full logo - black



sparkco full logo - black
sparkco full logo - white



sparkco full logo - white



sparkco full logo - white
  • Full color logo should only be used on light color backgrounds.
  • Don’t use the full color logo on top of a photograph or gradient unless it sit on a light area of the image.
  • For use on lighter background
  • For use on darker background, for lighter background color, black logo is prefer, but white logo is acceptable as long as the legibility is not compromises.

In use

Abbreviated logo

Our abbreviated logo is used in the scenario when the layout's width is limited for our full logo to be legible or it is too crowded for our full logo.

Safe zone

The logo's safe zone is equivalent to the "o" on all sides. As for the abbreviated logo, the safe zone is equivalent to the "✦" on all sides.

sparkco logo spacing sample
sparkco abbreviated logo spacing sample


Using our logos consistently ensures brand recognition and allows for creativity elsewhere. Here are a few sample usages of the logo that we should avoid.

sparkco logo misuse - change of color
X Change of the color combination
sparkco logo misuse - stretched
X Stretching of the logo
sparkco logo misuse - adding effects to logo
X Adding effects
sparkco logo misuse - logo on busy background
X Placing on busy background
sparkco logo misuse - too low in contrast
X Low contrast from background
sparkco logo misuse - rotation
X Rotation of the logo
sparkco logo misuse - flipping logo
X Flipping the logo
sparkco logo misuse - used with text
X Putting the logo in sentence
sparkco logo misuse - reconstruction of logo
X Reconstruction of logo