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Spark Connections


We turn ambitious companies into remarkable brands 

Every Business is a Human Business

Whether you classify as a B2C, B2B, or nonprofit, every company is ultimately an H2H, or human-to-human, business. As our world goes all-in on all-things digital, leading with empathy will be more critical than ever.

We believe there is a distinction between growth and growing a better business. To grow better is to remember that there is a person at the end of all your marketing efforts. Customers are not audiences to sell to but people. Real people.   

Our approach melds humanity and creativity with the efficiency and velocity of digital technology to achieve differentiation, value, and delight. 


Let's create real connections.

What do people want from brands?

Are they demanding that we create intrusive ads? Do they rejoice when being re-marketed without end?

We're pretty certain the answer is a resounding "no".

We believe it is time to re-think whether "annoyance as a strategy" should still be the default practice in an era where consumers are more empowered than ever to tune you out.

It's time to shift to a better approach, one where delivering surprise and delight is the optimal strategy. By cultivating relationships and helping instead of always selling, you have the chance to become the kind of brand that customers want to hear more from. 


The New Marketing Paradigm

The Companies We Serve

Better results start with seeing marketing differently. Learn how our approach makes a difference in growth.

We help you establish a strong marketing foundation and build lasting customers and fans.

Marketing at its core is about making a difference. We are here to put our expertise to worthy causes.

Branding in the Digital Age:  

Six ways to become a brand people love  

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