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Have you ever wondered how the idiom “my two cents” came about? According to the etymology of the phrase, it's of American origin and dates back to the 1920s. Some say because the cost to mail a letter was 2¢, this became a phrase to put a figurative price for offering an unsolicited comment in a humble and self-deprecating way. Oh and we did the inflation calculation—a "two-cent" comment should be worth 26¢ in today’s dollars. You’re welcome.

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Marketing Humanity is a weekly video and audio podcast that tackles today’s marketing trends and headline stories through a human-centric lens. It is a non-conformist, refreshing departure from the industry’s jargon-filled echo-chamber. Our goal is to help marketers, creatives, and business decision-makers see marketing as not just a digital or tech function, but the key to unlocking genuine connections and growth. 

Catch the latest episodes below or visit our channel on YouTubeIf you prefer, tune-in to the audio version of our podcast here.

Marketing Humanity Video Podcast
What’s a VSCO girl and why do they matter?

What’s a VSCO girl and why do they matter?

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Can good marketing save a bad product?

Can good marketing save a bad product?

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Why does the ad industry get so much hate?

Why does the ad industry get so much hate?

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Social influencers’ biggest fans? Bots

Social influencers’ biggest fans? Bots

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Art is one of the highest forms of human expression. is a virtual gallery meant to spark creativity and inspire conversations on our humanity. It is a curation of works from global artists, designers, and creative visionaries.

We believe that great design has the power to move people and impact culture. We welcome you to engage, contribute, and help us grow this vibrant community. 

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