Spark Possibilities

Human impressions in a tech-driven world

The How Behind What We Do 

We exist to help businesses overcome their marketing challenges. For us, business is, and will always be, about the customer relationship. Even as tools for targeting improve, connection and personalization are as much about empathy as it is about technology. People will gravitate toward the authentic and the overtures they believe as genuine over marketing that fails to resonate emotionally.

That is what we practice. 

To cultivate relationships, we hone in on the right strategies for your business and creative ways to connect and get people to stay attuned to your brand. Even after the sale, we nurture these ethereal relationships so that you stay relevant and engaged.

We focus on four practice areas, but frankly it is all about “getting the job done right.”  These services are designed to function as integrated building blocks. Strategy stacks on top of branding that stacks onto social engagement, and reflected in every piece of creative work. 

The result is growth that isn't reliant on ad impressions—it is fueled by essential human impressions. 


Our planning process is all about uncovering what is possible. We get to know you. We immerse ourselves into your business, analyze your market, and study customer behavior.

Plenty of agencies can showcase high production, glitzy work, but without a strategy, it’s unlikely to produce tangible results. So this is our core. This is where we will always start. 

  • Product / Start-Up launch

  • Consumer research

  • Competitive analysis

  • Marketing operations 

  • Media audit 


Strategic Consulting 

Branding is way, way more than just logos, packaging, and taglines. Brands beloved by consumers are ones exuding purpose greater than typical business metrics. Great brands align employees, customers, and stakeholders under a common mission. 

We design functional brand identities and narratives that go beyond aesthetics by capturing and revealing the central "why" that differentiates your company.


  • Discovery workshops

  • Brand story positioning

  • Brand maintenance

  • Brand guidebook

  • Employee training


Brand Rejuvenation

With the rise of mobile and social platforms, the inconvenient truth is the majority of your company’s “marketing” is happening without you. 

People trust other people's opinions more than ads. Word of mouth has risen to become a major factor behind 50% of all purchase decisions. Embrace this shift by investing in the kind of social engagement that is akin to real human relationships.


  • Social media audit

  • Social engagement strategy

  • Reputation management

  • Community building

  • Internal social media training


Social Trust

Creative execution is the behind-the-scene “magic”  that turns all those whiteboard ideas and strategic plans into actual market success.

Our curated team of content producers, videographers, writers, graphic artists, and developers work in as a single unit to ensure great ideas come to life. 

  • Graphic design

  • Copywriting

  • Website development

  • Content production

  • Campaign ideation


 Creative Execution

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