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Spark Courageous Ideas

Making an impact one idea at a time

Who We Are

Sparkco is a human-centric marketing and advertising agency with a big heart and bold ideas. We are former ad industry veterans, senior marketers, business operators, digital natives, and brilliant creative minds working as a team to solve business problems. Our mission is to help ambitious companies realize growth through the power of branding, creative ideas, and social engagement. ​

The rapid ascendance of digital, mobile, and social media caused massive disruption in the marketing and ad industry. In an attempt to stay relevant, many of us working in the field were seduced by automation software with alluring fairy dust promises and pseudo-marketing jargon that made us sound cooler than we really are. We all lost a bit of our identity and purpose along the way.

Rather than pursuing stronger relationships with customers, we climbed over each other trying to chase the latest trends. Rather than using tech to elevate creativity, we acquiesced to vanity metrics and diluted ideas. Rather than inspiring audiences with compelling stories, we succumbed to the cold logic of data.

Our drive is to bring the spark back to our craft.

Clients deserve better. They deserve a partner that understands how to balance quality work with the speed that modern marketing demands. They deserve people that are versed in business strategy and sales process just as much as the creative process. 


Our practice areas are designed to work in concert to solve real-world problems. Every challenge starts with strategy and research to set the direction and focus, and then we concentrate on creating meaningful connections with customers in a quantifiable, results-driven way.


We are transparent, communicative, and unabashedly independent-minded when it comes to pushing for breakthrough ideas. 


A Modern Model for Modern Demands

Collective Brand Experience

Branding in the Digital Age:  

Six ways to become a brand people love  

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